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The Guild Shop is open for business.  To reduce the risk to members, the following is required:

  • Registration is required for all events and is limited to 6 people plus the Shop Attendant and/or Instructor.  Events are listed on the Guild Calendar on the website - you’ll need to be logged in to see most of them.  Open shop is only listed if there is a shop attendant.
  • User shall ask the SA to sign them into the Shop Computer, only the SA is to use the keyboard.  The SA will advise users of additional machine control surface sanitation measures after use.

  • Wash your hands before entering the shop.  A wash station is available outside the bench room door when the shop is open.
  • Wear a face covering - this is a cloth or paper mask that does not have an exhaust valve.  Disposable masks are available for $1 at the shop.  At this time a face shield alone is not adequate, unless worn over a mask.
  • Eye protection is recommended at all times.  The requirement for ANSI rated safety glasses in the machine room has not changed.  We recommend you wear eye protection in the bench room as well to keep from touching your eyes.

  • Maintain social distancing - approximately 6 feet.

For off-site Guild sponsored activities, members are required to wear a mask and maintain social distance.  

Guild Procedure if a member has been exposed

We have had some members exposed to COVID-19.  Those members were notified that they are not to come to the shop for at least 14 days.  We cancelled activities  where they would have been the lead.  We have also compiled a list of those who had secondary exposure just in case we need (if one of them tests positive).  If one of the members test positive, those who were exposed to them will be notified.

Before scheduling a shop session, please assure that 

  • You are in good health, not living with anyone who is ill, have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days

  • You have a face covering without an exhaust valve. This must cover your nose, mouth, and chin and is to be worn at all times. The Guild does have some for sale at the shop but we recommend you bring your own.
  • You have safety glasses. The requirement for machine use hasn’t changed.  ANSI Z87.1 rated glasses are required.  If you are just using the bench room, we still recommend you wear impact resistant safety glasses (side shields optional).
  • You are willing to abide by the requirements.

Shop Startup Plan - Working during the Pandemic - HERE

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