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Intra-Guild Art Show

This annual event began in 2005 to encourage members to build projects and bring them to show other members.  It occurred on a regular meeting night in May.   In 2011 is was moved to the Gathering of the Guilds event for more exposure to the public.  It ended in 214 due to logistcs and space consideration.  It was revived in 2018.

Listed below re the winners.  Members can look back through May issues of the newsletter to see their beautiful work.

Best of Show 1st 2nd 3rd
2005 no records for this year.
2006 Gary Gerue Quilted Maple Nighstand Ariel Enriquez Dave Mille Al Oekerman
Bob Williams Gene Shaw John Dubay
Runn Huntley Bill Wood Terry Armstrong
2007 Ariel Enriquez Chair Bill Bolstad Steve Philips Len Walko
Lisa Borho Richard Hall Tom Splaver
John Semm Peter Borho Gig Lewis
2008 Gene Shaw Sebmented Urn Bill Bolstad Dave Miller
Juan Christian Kerry Walker Bob Oswald
John Semm Julien Kahn Bill Wood
2009 John Semm Tea Table Bill Bolstad Bob Oswald Juan Christian
Rod Ken Gene Shaw Steve Phillips
Tim Haller Jenny Jecman Robert Bergstrom
2010 Mark Roberts Big Bottom Myrtle Ukulele Jim Hall Vince Corbin Leonard Worth
Len Walko Jim Smith Jim Parker
Bob Vaughn Bob Bergstrom Marcus Flanders
2011 Leonard Worth music stand Kent Saunders Jeff O'Brien Jim Parker
Marcus Flanders Michel Rothman Ron Senger
Ed Vachel Andy Margesun Jim Madaras
2012 Jim Parker Office Cabinet Kent Saunders Dan Bisca Leonard Worth
Ed Vachal Dale Price Ted Jastak
x Brett Pidgeon Chuck Wissler
2013 Leonard Worth Shoji Screen Ted Jastak Josh Glover Bob O'Connor
Chuck Wissler Chris Frazeur Sean Berg
2014 Roy Gregory
ken Vetterick Kitchen Island Ed Vachal Bob Oswald
Jim Madaras Dave Jeske
Norm Michaud Rick Van Winkle Nathan Eckle

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