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Member Requirements to use the Guild Shop

When the shop is open for member use (open shop time), there must always be a Shop Attendant (SA) on duty to ensure your safety and provide help with the Guild’s equipment and tools.  Always check in with the SA when you arrive. 

The shop is divided into three areas;



Bench Room*

Machine Room


Free to Use

Free to Use

Shop User Card


Whenever the calendar shows Open Shop, and an SA is signed up for that shift.


Read/view or check out books and DVDs

Use hand tools and bench space.  Hand power tools are limited to cordless drills. Green card users can use all hand power tools.

Members can use the power machine for which they are certified to use.

*   Priority for Bench space is given to shop users who are paying to use the Machine Room.

** Members should always check the Shop Events Calendar prior to arriving, to make sure it is an Open Shop shift and a Shop Attendant is listed, and should plan to arrive within the first hour of the 4-hour shift.

Library – Free Use

The library is open whenever the shop is open for all members to read/view and checkout books, magazines and DVDs.  There is no charge to use the Library.

Bench Room – Free Use

The bench room is open to all members whenever the shop is open for Open Shop time.  You do not need a white or green card to use the bench room.   Power tools are limited to cordless drills only.  Machine Room users with paid shop time can use all the power tools (sanders, jig-saws, etc.).

Note: Bench space priority goes to Machine Room users who are paying to use the shop.

Machine Room

We have outfitted the shop with professional machines with an emphasis on safety.  When used correctly, our machines are safe but even the most seasoned professional will tell you, they need to be respected.  As such we have a simple yet flexible procedure for members to become certified to use the shop’s power tools.

Machine Room Power Tools

Our power tools are split into two categories; Core and Advanced Tools.



Tablesaw & Miter Saw

Wide Belt Sander*

Planer & Jointer

Sliding Table Saw

Router & Router Table


Bandsaw & Drill press

Horizontal Mortiser

*The Wide Belt Sander is operated for you by the Shop Attendant.

We have several levels of Power Tool use to enable you to be quickly certified for safe operation of just the machines you need to use. 

 Level Prerequisite  Guild Classes Notes
White Card  Active member Safety & Orientation class  Needed for Machine Skills training, HOST, and a few education classes
White Card w/Core
Tool Skills certifications
 White card Core Tool Skills  training & certifications  Enables use of specific tools in the shop
 Green Card  White card Pass HOST or take all four Core Tool certifications classes  Enables use of all Core tools in the shop.
 Green Card w/Advanced Tools Skills certifications  Green card  Training and certification for each advanced tool  Enables use of specific Advanced tools in the shop


Shop Fees

The shop is rented using a punch card system.  The type and cost of cards is on a members only page.  Here is a snapshot of that page for our information.

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