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This calendar shows all shop events, shop attendant volunteers, and shop users who have reserved time in advance. Open Shop shifts will be really "Open" only if a Shop Attendant is shown for that shift.

Drop-in shop users: Drop-ins are welcome! However, if a Shop Attendant has no shop users present by an hour after a 4-hour shift has started, they are free to leave. And if the shop users have finished and left before the end of a shift, the SA is also free to close the shop at that time. Therefor, you should contact the shop attendant (even by dropping in, in the first hour) to confirm that you can join the group and use the shop at that time. Unfortunately, not all cell phones work at the shop, so contacting the SA ahead of time is your best bet.

If there are no assignments or events on a given day, that day will not appear on this calendar.

If you use Google Calendar yourself, you can add this calendar to your own calendar by clicking on the +Google Calendar button in the lower right corner.
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