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Children need toys all year round,   Besides Christmas traditions, there are illness and family situations where a simple toy can ease a child through the days.

Join us starting mid-June this year (2018) at the Guild Shop.  Friday afternoons from 1 to 5pm.  Stay as long as you like.

We've had a number of years of experience building toys for organizations like the US Marnie Corp Toys for Tots and KOIN holiday toy programs.  There are a few traditional favorites such as a doll's cradle and airplanes that give us a good starting point each year.


Come with your own ideas also.  We have only a few basic requirements such as no small choking hazard parts and the only finish we use is mineral oil.   We've got a ton of wood. Come help us turn it into joy.

While your are welcome to build toys at home to contribute the the Guild offering, it is our wish to see more people get to know each other and the shop.  You will work alongside some seasoned woodworkers, more than anxsious to show you some of the tricks.

You do not need a green card.

~ The Guild Toy Makers

For more information, contact Gig Lewis,

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