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 The Guild has been actively recruiting national and international masters to bring their craft and insights to or members over the past several years. What began as a great idea to bring in Darrell Peart and David Marks several years ago has grown into an initiative to bring two masters in our craft each year to share their knowledge. Many of you will recall Chris Schwarz, Mary May, George Walker, Michael Fortune and Michael Dresdner. In April we will be welcoming Garrett Hack.

Michael Dresdner is the author of Restoration Clinic; The Woodfinishing Book; The New Wood Finishing Book; Build Like a Pro: Painting and Finishing; and Wood Finishing Fixes as well as four videos and two DVDs on wood finishing. He appeared as Contributing Editor on the mastheads of Fine Woodworking Magazine, American Woodworker Magazine, and Woodworker’s Journal, and was the founder and host of a weekly online finish chat. He wrote the Just Finishing column for American Woodworker Magazine for over 7 years, and the Finishing Thoughts column for Woodworker’s Journal for more than 12 years. During one five- year period he wrote answers to over 8,000 questions for the website blog, and edited the Woodworker’s Journal eZine, an award-winning online woodworking magazine with over a quarter of a million subscribers.

He is former Director of Research and Development for Martin Guitar Company, the former founding CEO of Tacoma Guitar Co, and has taught and lectured extensively for a wide range of guilds, colleges and organizations including the Smithsonian Institution, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, AWFS, Seattle Central College, Renton Technical College, American Institute of Organbuilders and The Architectural Woodworking Institute, to name just a few.

Mr. Dresdner will be the featured speaker at our September 2016 meeting. He will also lead two finishing workshops for the Guild. The first, tailored to beginning finishers, is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, September 9 and 10. The first day is demonstration and lecture, followed by a hands-on workshop the second day. It will be generally aimed at those who have questions about anything from surface prep to what brush to select for hand-applied finishes.

The second class, September 30 – October 2, will be designed for more advanced woodworkers, and those who complete the first class. Its primary focus is the application of color to wood, including stains, dyes, glazes and toners, and then finishing the finish.

Making both classes unique is Mr. Dresdner’s willingness to design them around the needs and questions of the attendees. This exceptional flexibility is the next best thing to a private lesson by an internationally known master.

The fee schedule for these classes is being finalized as we compile the list of required finishing supplies. Space in each class will be limited, and will sell out quickly. Guild members who want to reserve a spot in the class before it is posted on the website should email class coordinator Jeff Zens at Once you have reserved a space, you may also submit your questions and finishing dilemmas so that they can be used to focus the classes on your individual needs.

Additional information about these two unique learning opportunities will be presented in upcoming newsletters and via the Education Committee’s monthly class email.

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