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Feb: Asa Christiana

  • 21 Feb 2017
  • 7:00 PM
  • Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 SW CAPITOL HWY .

Whether you are just getting started in woodworking or have years of experience, setting up and organizing a shop can be daunting. It’s also a task that never seems to be complete. Asa Christiana has set up multiple shops over the years, and worked on dozens of articles on the topic as an editor at Fine Woodworking magazine.

 Based on his new book for beginners, coming out this year from The Taunton Press, he will offer a variety of simple, inexpensive ways to get up and running in the craft, including finding space, options for lights and heat, how to create simple work surfaces with storage built in, and which tools to buy first. For intermediate and veteran woodworkers, he’ll show how to make the space you already have work much better, and offer practical approaches to efficient dust collection. 

 Asa worked at Fine Woodworking magazine for 15 years, 8 of those as its chief editor. He now lives and works in Portland as a freelance writer, photographer, teacher, and furniture maker. His new book, “Build Stuff with Wood,” due out from The Taunton Press in 2017, sets out to prove that anyone, even those with zero skills and experience, can build amazing things with wood. 
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