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  • 22 Jan 2020
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • The Guild Workshop, 7634 SW 34th Ave, Portland, OR 97219



January - Hand Saw Sharpening by Ken Hall

Ken will guide and assist you in the processes necessary to obtain a sharp saw.

Tools required.

One Dull 12 TPI or fewer either; backsaw, rip or cross-cut saw.

Saw-file, a triangular file that is at least twice as wide as the height of the teeth(see table below for size), saw-vice or Paul Sellers saw chock to clamp in a bench vice ( a saw set if sharpening a rip-saw below 12TPI.

File Type                              PPI of Saw
 7" Regular Taper                 4-5.5
 7" Slim Taper                       6,7
 6" Slim Taper                       8
 6" XSlim Taper                     9,10
 6" 2XSlim Taper                   11
 5" 2XSlim Taper                   12-14
 4" 2XSlim Taper                   15-20

Tools recommended.

Saw file holder, file and holder for leveling saw teeth, slip stone,black markers, fine wet/dry sandpaper for rust removal, and oil and a rag for rust prevention (or make a Paul Sellers “Rag in a can”

Tools provided

These will need to be shared among those who do not have their own. File and file holder for jointing the teeth if necessary. If you have your own bring them.

To purchase files or other tools for sharpening your saws see:

The Veritas Saw File Holder is a very helpful tool if you plan to do frequent sharpening.

Please check out some of the videos on the web on saw sharpening prior to the meeting.

Come and meet your fellow Guild hand tool enthusiasts. Learn or teach some hand tool skills. We share our knowledge of hand tool woodworking to help others become better woodworkers.

All Guild members are welcome at no charge.

Please register for this event so that we can get a count of possible attendees and better plan the programs.

Thank you.

Ken Hall and Doug Karleskint

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