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  • 26 Feb 2020
  • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • The Guild Workshop, 7634 SW 34th Ave, Portland, OR 97219



February Greenwood Woodworking by Norm Baird (GOOW)

Sledge and Wedge.  Glut.  Froe and Club.  Shaving Horse.  Drawknife.  Spokeshave.  These are just some of the tools used in working with green wood.  If you have never heard of these tools, if you have a bit of experience but still have things to learn, or even if you have spent long hours astride a shave horse, you are invited to join us at the February Hand Tool SIG (date and time).  We will work with sample pieces suitable for small stools and ladderback chairs, and the skills and tools will transfer well to other forms of green woodworking.

We will spend the evening with some discussion (I hope it doesn’t feel like lecture), some demonstration, and a lot of opportunity for you to try the tools hands-on.   I plan to bring several shaving horses with drawknives and spokeshaves.  If any of you experienced people have your own equipment and don’t mind sharing with other users, that would add more chances for new folks to try the craft.  You will have opportunity to demonstrate your own skills, and also perhaps do a bit of coaching with those new to this kind of woodworking.

Bring your questions, your curiosity and your experience.


Come and meet your fellow Guild hand tool enthusiasts. Learn or teach some hand tool skills. We share our knowledge of hand tool woodworking to help others become better woodworkers.

All Guild members are welcome at no charge.

Please register for this event so that we can get a count of possible attendees and better plan the programs.

Thank you.

Ken Hall and Doug Karleskint

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