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Peninsula Children's Center

  • 08 Jul 2009
  • 08 Nov 2009
  • Franklin High School

A local daycare came calling.  Success has a way of doing that.  They (the tight-budgeted non-profits of our community) seek us out now.  This organization operates several daycare centers in the Metro area.  Their “clients” range in age from just 6 weeks old to 8 years of age.  They function mainly with the co-operative efforts of their moms and dads along with a small paid administrative staff.  The boost that the children receive in learning, nutrition and love is just a fantastic thing to see.  We were more than pleased, honored really, to help these folks out.  The hook that really got us was a request for a child-sized woodworker’s bench, to be scaled to a preschooler’s height: a real bench with a real vise and storage for “tools”.  Add to that a rolling, lockable storage cabinet and a bi-level play structure and our crew was busy for months.  The payoff….well just look at those smiles!

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