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Two finishing "jigs"

  • 19 May 2012 1:18 PM
    Message # 925481
    Larry Wade (Administrator)

    For the Gathering of the Guilds I made a bunch of small crafts and came up with these two things to help me.

    I used a wiping varnish on both sides of 12 small bowls and needed to apply five coats and wanted to finish both sides at the same time.  I have used painting triangles before but they were too big, I needed many of them, and I thought the points of the triangles were too big and would marr the finish.  I came up with using three sturdy toothpicks (Safeway, cocktail, thick) pushed through the back side of a 6" piece of insultation styrofoam.  It worked for what I needed and was inexpensive to construct.  The main challenge was dealing with styrofoam bits from the cutting and I had to tape the edges.  In the future I will look for a thick foam that doesn't tear when cut.

    The parts I created had a 1/8" thick slice through the 1/8" material about 2" long and I needed a way to quickly sand the inside of the slice.  I found the solution in Family Handyman magazine, which uses sandpaper glued to a stiff putty knife.  I did a variation and glued 100 grit on one side of the putting knife and 150 grit on the other.  Worked slick.

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