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Dick Pettigrew
Business Name: Nemah Products
Location: Vancouver, WA 98687
Phone: 360-735-1791

Dick's entire career has been as a designer/craftsman. Much of that career was spent in the metal working and aerospace industry but fine woodworking has been a longtime interest. A transition over the past several years has allowed him to devote more and more time to woodworking, until it is now a full time commitment.

While he builds furniture on a commission basis, boxes of all types are of a special interest. Every piece he builds begins with the selection of the finest wood available. Boxes offer the opportunity to combine several very unique woods in one finished piece. Whenever possible, the woods he uses come from sources that are consistent with environmentally sound practices. Whether it is a jewelry box, a music box, a stationary box, or a box for other personal treasures, each box is a small piece of furniture and each piece is individually crafted and finished by hand.

Dick has a small shop in Vancouver, Washington in which he works. He is constantly experimenting with different methods and finishes to get the best box possible. While not every experiment is a success, each one results in a better box. Sometimes it is a slow process, especially when blending a new technique with one that he is currently using. However, over time, the process results in a finished piece that is a pleasure to build and to use.

Dick sells his boxes through a number of local galleries including The Real Mother Goose.

Eastern Maple with Western 
Curly Maple Drawer Fronts 
13L x 7W x 6D

Walnut Chest with Lift Top 
12L x 6W x 7D 

Cherry Box with Spalted 
Curly Maple Lid 
11.5L x 6W x 3.5D

Maple Burl Box with 
Curly Maple Trim 
13L x 10W x 5D

Cherry Box with Spalted 
Curly Alder Lid 
9L x 5W x 2.5D

Various Small Boxes 

Fig. Western Maple 
7L x 4W x 2D
Walnut & Spalted Maple 
9L x 5W x 2 1/2D
Cherry & Redwood Burl 
11L x 6 1/2W x w 4D
Maple & Fig. Walnut 
6L x 5W X 2D

Lacewood with walnut legs - 9 1/2L x 4 1/2W x 3 1/2D 
Lacewood is from Crosscut Hardwoods and the Walnut was from Jim McKee

Figured Maple - 12L x 7W x 4D 
Figured Maple from the windfall from Washougal

Peroba Rosa (certified) and Spalted Alder - 12L x 7W x4 1/2D 
Spalted Alder that I cut from a big chunk out of a friends fire wood pile

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