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Jeff O'Brien
Business Name: Dogwood Design
Location: West Linn, OR 97202
Phone: 503-639-8758

On Display... 

This is where something clever is written to explain the woodworker’s mission and motivation.  

Well, I make furniture.  I hope that people will like it and find it comfortable.  It’s important to me that furniture be engaging yet practical, artistic yet useful. 

My work has been described as ‘a new take on Modernism blending the beauty of wood with a simple geometric grace.’ I find my design elements in many places. I have a few styles that I prefer, as well as things I see in nature. I have also found that combining contrasting species of wood accentuates the wood as well as the design. Living in Oregon, we have some great local wood species. From walnut to douglas fir, white oak and western maple, there’s a multitude of design possibilities. For me, building custom furniture is an adventure. 

This is a second career for me.  Previously, I edited video programs; they would rarely last a year- sometimes only one day. My goal is to build furniture that will last a good bit longer, more of a legacy, if you will.

So here is what I’ve made, on display. I consider these pieces starting points, if there’s something here that you like, please contact me and we’ll design and build your next piece of furniture.

Jeff O'Brien



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