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Michael Molinaro
Business Name: Mission Furniture Unplugged
Location: Soon to be Portland
Phone: 321-391-9098
Contact: missionfurnitureunplugged@gmail.com


Here are a few samples of my recent work.  Derived mostly from the works of master craftsmen, I have incorporated classic details along with my own design interpretations and the timelessness of the Mission style.

Recently I have rediscovered the practice of ammonia- fuming white oak.  This was used by Stickley to change the color of the oak by altering the chemical make-up of the tannins.  The other colors you see are aniline dyes.  All pieces are finished with either oil or polyurethane, depending on the anticipated wear and tear.

I use reclaimed hardwoods when available and other woods from sustainable forests.

These pieces are meant to last many generations.

Please contact me to discuss your particular needs and style


White Oak, walnut, maple
Corian top
Satin Polyurethane
Screaming yellow skate wheel casters
43”W x 20”D x 30”H
Drawers 6-1/2”H x 20”W x 17”D
Can hold 400 DVD’s


Fumed white oak, redwood burl, cherry
Padauk top and details
Satin and gloss Polyurethane
Footprint 21”x36.5”
 Drawers 6”h x 20” and 12” w x 18”d
1 interior shelf 12’x18’
Brass knife hinge, touch latch hardware
18” vertical clear space at legs


White oak and cherry. Fumed and Aniline dye
Satin polyurethane finish
2 interior compartments and flip lids
42”W x 16”D x 34”H
Footprint 36-1/2”W x 14 1/4”D
Interior compartment 11-1/2”D
15” clear above shelf

Grandkids’ table

Grandkids’ Table
White and red oak,
Forbo Marmoleum ® Real inlay
 Aniline dye
26” x 38” x 22”H 


Fumed white oak, redwood burl,Padauk
Satin and semi-gloss Polyurethane
Footprint 16”x40”
 2 interior shelves size 12”x24”
1 interior shelf 12’x12’
Brass knife hinge, touch latch hardware
Drawer inside 5”Hx12”Dx12”W
26” vertical clear space at legs

Sideboard with drawers

Walnut and cherry sideboard.
Sliding doors
3 drawers
2 interior shelves 12” x 18”
18” x 68” x 38”

Sideboard with drawers

And file roll-outs

White oak sideboard. Aniline dye
Flip-up doors, roll-out files , 3 drawers

Satin Polyurethane finish
26” x 72” x 36”H


Red, white oak
Aniline Dye
Purple heart wedges.
Satin Polyurethane Finish
45” x 84” x 30”H 

Coffee table/bench

Coffee Table/Bench
Fumed White Oak
Bird’s Eye Maple
Aniline Dye
Oil Finish
14” x 60” x 18”H

Small side table

White and red oak- purple heart wedges.
Forbo Marmoleum ® Real inlay
Red oak salvaged from
12” x 24”x 23-1/2”H
footprint 11-1/4” x 19-1/8”
shelf size 8”x 16-1/4”
shelf 7" above floor
clear above shelf 13-1/4"


Fumed white oak and fumed purple heart,


Arkansas walnut
Cabinet Oil Finish
Top, Polyurethane
Casters optional

33”x16”x56”H (without casters) add 3" for casters
interior shelf size 12”x25”

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