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Guild Organizational Chart

After extensive planning over the last year, a new structure has been implemented for 2020. The board is made up of 12 volunteers and if you count all the tasks and committee lead positions you will see over 30 additional volunteers that are dedicating time and energy to running the Guild.  On top of those 42 people are those that volunteer for shows, estate sales, shop attendants, Toy Team, Project Build, Community Projects, class coordinators, etc.  We have a huge organization that 100% runs on volunteers.

We encourage all of you to take a look at this widely varied array of volunteer activities and think about where your experience, interest or curiosity could be applied.  Feel free to talk to any of these leaders about what they do and how you might be able to help.  This is a terrific group of people to get to know and you will be inspired the their collective energy.

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For more detailed organizational charts with names in each box click here to download.

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