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Basics of Fine Woodworking

This is a 10 class course on the fundamentals of fine woodworking.  You will learn the proper use of the common hand and power tools, project design, construction methods, and finishing. Each class is taught by a different instructor, usually in their own shop. There is plenty of time to ask questions, share tips, and see how they set up their shop.  This is an all lecture series, no hands on.

The cost is $ 195 for all classes.  The class is limited to Guild members (Join)

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Doug Drake - - 503-367-1230

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31 Dec 2018 1:00 PM • Various Shops

Class 1- Introduction and Safety by Eddee Edson

This class gives an overview to wood and woodworking. It is designed to give the student a basic understanding of the terms and vocabulary of woodworking, types of wood, how it is cut, graded and sold. The class will also review safety issues including wood allergies, tools, hearing, sight, and dust control.

Class 2 - Bench & Hand Tools by Alexander Anderson

Explore the different hand planes, scrapers, measuring tools, and scribing tools. Alexander will show you how to use them as well as their care and maintenance. There will also be a demonstration of how to cut dovetails by hand.

Class 3 - Basics of Power Tools by Ariel Enriquez

Discover the many uses and methods of the table saw, jointer, chop saw, planer, band saw, and drill press. Safety and maintenance will also be covered.

Class 4- Cabinet Construction by Ed Ferguson 

This class demonstrates making cabinets using the table saw as the primary tool and then discovering rabbets, dados, pocket screws, and biscuit joints.

Class 5 - Joinery by Alexander Anderson

Explore the many ways that a box or door can be put together. Doug will demonstrate the common joints available and how to make them with various shop tools.


Class 6 - Routers by Eddee Edson

Learn how to choose a router. Router bit types. Characteristics of a router table, make or buy. Table and hand held typical applications. Cutting direction and how to avoid nasty surprises. End grain issues. Rabbeting, blind and stopped grooves. Use of jigs, commercial and home-made to help with cutting configurations. How to avoid burning, snipe and tear out. How to build and use a simple mortise jig for loose tenons. And more.

Class 7 - Finishing by Chip Webster

This class will explain the basics of finishing using wax, oils, varnishes, and shellac. This class includes a review of finishing terms (sealer, conditioner, filler, etc.) what they are and when to use them.

Class 8 - Stress Free Assembly and Glue-up Alexander Anderson

In this class you will learn about putting a piece together without losing your cool. Alexander will discuss methods of keeping a case square, joints tight, and frames flat. It will include a discussion of the types of glues and proper glue applications.

Class 9 - Jigs by David Wiper

This class includes a discussion of what jigs are, how to make them and shows examples of the most commonly used ones.

Class 10- Furniture Design by Ed Ferguson

How to design your project, and why some designs are beautiful while others are clumsy.


Note:  Classes are not always taught in this order


~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

When is the next Basics of Fine Woodworking class?

These classes are offered about four times a year.  The Education team schedules a full year program so the coming year’s efforts don’t start until near the end of the previous year.  All the efforts are done by volunteers and require obtaining instructors for the classes.  It’s not a simple process.  Your best chance to get into a future class is to join the Guild and get on a waitlist.  Meanwhile you can enjoy all the other benefits of belonging.

I will join the Guild when I can get into the Basics of Fine Woodworking Class.

The Basics class is very popular and is always sold out in advance.  The Guild maintains a wait list, firt come first opportunity to commit.  Guild classes are a benefit of membership.  To be on the wait list you must to be a member. 

Wanting to take the Basics Series in NOT a reason to join the Guild   People join the Guild to learn more about woodworking.  The Basics Series will not make you an instant woodworker.  You become a woodworker one project at a time.  One mistake at a time.  One lesson at a time.

Take a look at these opportunities to start learning woodworking immediately.

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