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Basics of Fine Woodworking Intro Lectures

This is a course on the fundamentals of fine woodworking split into a set of three Core classes and four Supplemental classes.  The Core classes are offered on a regular basis and the Supplemental classes are offered when there is enough demand.  You will learn the proper use of the common hand and power tools, project design, construction methods, and finishing. Classes are taught by a number of instructors and there is plenty of time to ask questions, share tips, and see how tools and a shop is set up. 

These are all lecture format classes, no hands on.

The cost for each class is $25.  The classes are limited to Guild members (Join).  Check the Guild main page or the Education calendar for class postings.  For more information contact: Doug Drake

Core classes – These three classes are the backbone to the Basics series and are a good place to start for beginners to woodworking.  The Guild tries to offer these on an ongoing monthly or every other month schedule.

Upcoming events

14 Jun 2020 9:30 AM • Guild Shop, 7634 SW 34th Ave., Portland
12 Jul 2020 9:30 AM • Guild Shop, 7634 SW 34th Ave., Portland

Introduction and Safety 

This class gives an overview to wood and woodworking. It is designed to give the student a basic understanding of the terms and vocabulary of woodworking, types of wood, how it is cut, graded and sold. The class will also review safety issues including wood allergies, tools, hearing, sight, and dust control.

Introduction to Bench & Hand Tools by Ken Hall

Explore the different hand planes, scrapers, measuring tools, and scribing tools. Jeff will show you how to use them as well as their care and maintenance.

Introduction to Power Tools by Asa Christiana

Discover the many uses and methods of the table saw, jointer, chop saw, planer, band saw, and drill press. Safety and maintenance will also be covered.


Supplemental Classes  The classes are offered less frequently and are scheduled as demand and shop availability exists.

Introduction to Cabinet Construction 

This class demonstrates making cabinets using the table saw as the primary tool and then discovering rabbets, dados, pocket screws, and biscuit joints.

Introduction to Joinery

Explore the many ways that a box or door can be put together. Demonstrations of  the common joints available and how to make them with various shop tools.

Introduction to Finishing by Chip Webster

This class will explain the basics of finishing using wax, oils, varnishes, and shellac. This class includes a review of finishing terms (sealer, conditioner, filler, etc.) what they are and when to use them.

Introduction to Furniture Design 

How to design your project, and why some designs are beautiful while others are clumsy.


FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wait to join the Guild until I can get into the Introduction classes?

The Basics class is very popular and these classes fill up quickly.  These classes are first come first opportunity to commit.  Guild classes are a benefit of membership.  You need to be a member to register for these classes.

Wanting to take the Basics Series in NOT a reason to join the Guild   People join the Guild to learn more about woodworking.  The Basics Series will not make you an instant woodworker.  You become a woodworker one project at a time.  One mistake at a time.  One lesson at a time.

Take a look at these Guild opportunities to start learning woodworking immediately.


Note:  Classes are not always taught in this order

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