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7634 SW 34th Avenue Portland, OR 97219
Business Name: M. Scott Hamilton Sculpture & Design
 Artist: Scott (Scotty) Hamilton
Location:A Newberg, OR
Phone: 971-409-4414
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Business Description:

Uniquely whimsical sculptures and other works of art . . . all designed and hand crafted from wood and other natural materials (including bone, stone, leathers, feathers, shells, early metals like copper, brass and bronze).


Scotty studied art all through Jr. high, high school and college, and for 30+ years had a very successful career as an illustrator & graphic designer in the corporate world.  His wealth of knowledge and experience provides an exceptional foundation from which his creations evolve. Although his creations may be found in galleries, most of his work has been a result of commission requests, all produced to meet the individual needs of discerning customers.

Scotty's home and studio can be found in Newberg, Oregon, where he lives with his wife Janet.  Beyond his love and commitment to his family and his art, Scotty is an avid athlete and coach (specializing in wrestling, martial arts and strength training). 



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