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Guild members help with woodworking projects

Need a woodworker for a project?  

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A number of Guild members take on projects, typically furniture based, not home building.  Your request is sent to a select mail list of active Guild members interested in jobs.  Typically each request gets two to four people interested in your type of project.  

Some members are professional woodworkers, some very talented beginners.  But in whoever responds, you can count on quality work to be of utmost importance.

We have provided this service since before 2010 and have had no complaints.  Sadly for the administrator, few customers provide feedback.  You can help by dropping a line.

Examples of projects performed include:

  • Refinishing a dining room table
  • Repairing scratches and dents from moving
  • Repairing a couple of old dining chairs that have loosened
  • Replicating a missing drawer in a dresser bought at a garage sale
  • Building new kitchen cabinet doors
  • Building a rack to hang scarves.
  • Countless small specialty items produced to support someone’s business

What you need to do:

  1. Description: Provide a brief description of the task.  A few sentences usually enough to get people connected. 
  2. Photo: Include ONLY if vital and at MOST only one or two photos   Do Not Send multiple pictures from many angles.  Photos are quite often unnecessary in first contact.  We deal with publishing limitations.  
  3. Simple: Keep the initial  contact simple.  Allow a member to decide to contact you at which time you can go into additional detail.
  4. Location: Plaese include your geographic location (SE Portland, Forest Grove, etc)
  5. Contact: Include preferred contact phone number and/or email address.  Email will be extracted from your request but it makes extra work for the coordinator.
  6. Referral: We’re pleased if you tell us how you found out about us. 
  7. On Completion: Your feedback to the jobs coordinator at the link above helps tremendously to know we are succeeding. 

Your request will be sent to our Odd Jobs mailing list.  You will work directly with the woodworkers, arrange your own fees, payment, pickup, delivery and timelines.  The Guild’s role is only to communicate the need to those members who do this kind of work.  The Guild is not responsible for the project.

Woodworkers on this list are active members of the Guild.  If they drop out of the Guild, they are automatically filtered off the mailing list.

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