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The Guild Education Program

Class Calendar

Standard Series of Classes
The Guild has three fixed series of classes; Basics of Fine Woodworking  is geared towards those who are just getting started in woodworking and offered each quarter, Power Tools Skills geared toward learning how to use large woodworking equipment, and The Next Level for intermediate woodworkers who are looking to learn Mastery Level skills. 
Free Safety Class
We also offer a free Safety & Orientation class that we highly recommend all members attend and is required for classes that use the shop.  At the end of this class members receive their "White Card" which is required for classes that use the Guild shop.

Project/Skill Development
The vast majority of the rest of our classes are project or skill specific classes and are offered throughout the year based on requests and availability of instructors.  Each year we invite several nationally known instructors to the Guild for teaching their specialty through a series of classes, often multiple day classes.  Examples of past visitors are Michael Fortune, Mary May, Garrett Hack, Kelly Parker, George Walker, Chris Schwarz and others.

For advanced beginners or those wanting to learn new types of woodworking, we have the Hands-On Fundamentals classes that teach basic skills in a hands-on environment because until you actually do something yourself, you have not really learned that skill.

HOST Session
This is a 4 hour session in which members show they can use the Guild Shop's equipment safely.  Upon passing this session, members receive their Green Card and can now purchase shop time to use the Guild shop.

Special Interest Groups
In woodworking there are many areas in which people have a strong interest in learning what it is all about.  The Guild offers several SIGS that meet periodically and are generally free to members.  Check out the SIG page.

The Guild has large array of instructors specializing in many different areas of woodworking.  Many are professionals with their own business.  Many have decades of experience and all have been qualified by the Guild as teachers with safety as their number one criteria.  Check out our list of instructors.

General Class Information
Because people learn differently, the Guild offers different style of classes from lectures and demonstration to hands on using the shop's tools to build a project or practice new skills.

Classes range from two/four hours, single day, multiple day and some multi-day classes spread out over many weeks.  Some are in the evening, weekend and weekdays to try to accommodate the needs of our members.

For more information and details click on the links below:
  • Basics of Fine Woodworking - A series of 10 classes providing a broad exposure to woodworking techniques
  • Power Tool Skills - A series of 5 classes specifically focused on using Woodworking Power Equipment designed to just take the classes you need.
  • The Next Level - Learn advanced woodworking skills in a 20 class/two year program taught by our team of Master Woodworkers.  For intermediate woodworkers to learn mastery level skills.
  • Project/Skills Development (class calendar)Move beyond simple basics, learn to design and build your own projects.  Examples: Advanced Hand Tools. Chair Making. Project Design. Advanced Machine Use, Carving, Finishing, CNC, etc.
  • Hands-On Fundamentals  - Expand your basic skills with hands-on classes.
  • Safety and Orientation - Free class to keep you safe
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