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Volunteer Appreciation Program

Program Details

The Guild is run on Volunteers.  This program is one small way to show our appreciation to our volunteers for their time and dedication to the success of the Guild.  Over time, we may enhance the program based on your feedback.  The program is 100% based on the honor system.  Twice a year we will ask how many hours you volunteered to the Guild.  You will then be able to use those points for Guild merchandise shown here.

Program Guidelines

  1. Respond to an email in June and December with how many hours your volunteered. Be generous with your estimate and round partial hours up to a full hour.  Respond by the deadline given.
  2. You can accumulate your points over time so you can get some of the more expensive items.  One Point equals 1 dollar.
  3. We cannot mail items.  We will let you know when and where you can pick items up.
  4. You will get an email invoice showing what you ordered
Board Members - you get 60 points a year for your efforts on the board.  Please report them with your hours.
Committee Heads - you get 60 points a year for your efforts running a committee.  Please report them with your hours.
Instructors - you get 30 points a year plus a one time "Instructor Shirt" with your name embroidered on it. Please report them with your hours. 
Shop Attendants - you get a one time "SA Vest" with your name embroidered on it.  SAs have their own recognition program for time spent as a SA are not part of this program

Class Coordinators – count your time in the class plus the time spent at home planning the class


  • Should I count my travel time and time I spend at home as volunteer time?
    Yes, any time you spend on Guild business counts
  • I am a SA/Board member/Committee head and volunteer for shows, estate sales or other events.  Do I count these hours?
    Yes - these hours count on top of the points above
  • Can I get my item embroidered with my name on it
    Sorry no, not at this time.
  • My partner also volunteers their time, can we combine our points?
    Sorry no, not at this time.  We are trying to keep the program simple to manage with as few exceptions as possible.
  • I get an email invoice saying I owe money?
    Yes - the system automatically sends this - use this when picking up your items but no, you do not owe any money.  Your on-line account will be corrected early July removing money owed for these items.
  • If I don’t have enough points for an item, can I pay for the rest?
    Sorry no, we are trying to make this as easy to manage as possible and given the tools we have, this complicates the task.  Note that all items in the Volunteer Catalog will be available for purchase on another page but we cannot combine points and dollars at this time.

  • Do my points expire?
    No but we encourage you to use them sooner than later.  We cannot predict the future.

  • How many points do I have left in my account?
    It would be great if you kept track but I know that is sometimes hard to do.  This is a manual tracking system so if you are unsure, ask

    Ordering Catalog

    Ordering for H1-2019 is CLOSED.  Next window will be in December 2019. 

    Send any questions to GOOW.VOLUNTEER@GMAIL.COM

    Ordering Guidelines.

    1.    You need to be logged in!

    2.    Select the item, color and size. Click "Add to Cart" .

    3.    From the  CART page, make any changes (delete or change quantities)
          Click on “Proceed to checkout” or  "Continue Shopping"

    4.    On the  Billing  page, your email, address and other information should be entered automatically
          from your 
    profile.  if not, you are either not logged in or your profile is not completely filled out. 
          Check for correctness or make changes.  
          Click on "Continue"

    5.    On the SHIPPING ADDRESS page, ignore the address section as we are not shipping products.

          Click on “CONTINUE”

    6.    On the CONFIRMATION page, make sure everything is correct.  If not, use the “BACK” button
          on the bottom 
    left to go back and make changes. 

    7.    When information is verified, click on "I am Not a Robot"
          Select "INVOICE ME" - DO NOT SELECT "PAY ON-LINE" 
          Be patient – it may take a few seconds for the Invoice to display.  Your done!

    You will receive an email invoice for your order.  Print this and bring to pick up your items.


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