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What is the Guild

The Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, founded in 1978, is a non-profit volunteer organization comprised of several hundred members who share a common passion for woodworking.  Membership is approximately 30% professional people and 70% amateurs and hobbyists of various skill levels.  Guild members have a variety of woodworking interests, including furniture design and construction, cabinets, antique furniture restoration, turning, carving and more.

Guild bylaws.

Features of the Guild

Monthly Programs

Every month an evening program features a wide variety of woodworking subjects, ranging from demonstrations or a skill or tool, finishing, tours of local industries on a variety of woodworking subjects. Presentations by U.S. recognized woodworkers bring a high quality of woodworking knowledge to the audience, including notables such as Michael Fortune, Mary May, George Walker and Chris Schwarz.  Program meetings are held on the same day of the month at the Multnomah Arts Center, the Guild shop and specialty shops around Portland.  Look at the programs page for upcoming events. Occasional social events are an opportunity for mto can meet in a relaxed atmosphere and exchange ideas.


Numerous seminars for woodworkers with all levels of experience from beginners to advanced are offered throughout the year. Topics such as basic techniques, from hand tools to power tools with a strong emphasis on safety, different aspects of furniture building, cabinet construction, veneering and finishing techniques are just a few examples.

A set of Machine Skills classes prepares those in need with the skills to use all of the tools in the Guild Shop.

The Guild Shop

Stocked with top quality industrial equipment, the shop is the gathering place for members working on their own projects, participating in many of the education classes, production of furniture for non-profit local community organizations and Guild based projects for sale at  woodworking shows.

Each member becomes qualified to use the shop, earning a Green Card by passing a Hands On Safety Test.  Shop time is purchased in many convenietly structured blocks  Shop rate is the lowest anywhere on an hourly basis.

The shop is open when there is demand, three shifts a day, every day of the week.

Newsletter, Library

The monthly newsletter keeps you up to date on happenings in the Guild and offers articles of woodworking interest and how-to articles on a variety of subjects.

A well stocked library in the Guild shop, with hudreds of selections,  allows members access to many, many high quality books to read in a section of the shop or check out.

Professional Members

Professional members can promote their businesses through visibility to members and the community on the Guild website through a listing and an optional gallery featuring their work.

Community Projects

The Guild has a commitment to the community.  Numerous projects during the year allow members to improve their woodworking skills and benefit a variety of non-profit organizations.

We have donated our labor to several deserving groups including: the German-American School in Beaverton (library furniture), the Salem Police Department (display cases), the Peninsula Children’s Center (shelving and play structures) and the Clackamas Library (shelving gondolas). All we ask of our clients is to cover the material expenses.  We provide the labor.

Woodworking Shows

The Guild participates in a number of woodworking related art shows during the year to provide a venue for members to sell their products as well as participate in the art community. Members can display and/or sell their work. The largest of these is the Gathering of the Guilds in May.  


A single annual membership fee offers several options: general, professional, family and wood shop educator.  See Join/Renew.

Additional fees include shop rental time and storage space for your projects if desired.  

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