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Performax 22-44 Pro drum sander Model 638002 manual?

  • 20 Mar 2018 8:55 AM
    Message # 5989287

    I recently acquired this late model machine and try as I might, I cannot find a manual online and was wondering if anyone had a copy they could email or maybe direct me to a link where they know this model's manual and parts lists reside?

    I've found the Jet model 649600 that is pretty darn close, but figured I'd ask to see if anyone had a hard copy or soft-copy they could share.



  • 21 Mar 2018 1:00 AM
    Reply # 5990446 on 5989287

    Check out...

  • 22 Mar 2018 7:44 AM
    Reply # 5992757 on 5989287

    Thanks Ariel, I ended up spamming Craigslist posters across the USA who had my model listed and got lucky!  Someone forwarded the right model # manual!  See attached.

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