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Guild Shop Safety Standards

This is the Guild Shop.  It is different from your home shop or workplace, and these safety standards may differ from your practices in those environments.  The Guild Shop is equipped and organized to accommodate a large number of users with a wide range of skills.  It is mandatory that all users, from novice to professional, abide by the same safety standards and practices.

Section I: General Safety Standards
  1. If you see a potential hazard or hazardous behavior, notify the Shop Attendant immediately.
  2. If a machine is not performing properly or is out of adjustment, shut the power off immediately, unplug the machine and notify the Shop Attendant.
  3. Never leave a machine running and unattended.
  4. Always unplug any machine before changing cutters and blades.  Make sure that the machine switch is in the OFF position before reconnecting the power supply.
  5. Give your work your undivided attention.  Approach each task and machine with a deliberate focus on its requirements and potential hazards.
  6. Fatigue, monotony and over-confidence cause accidents.  If you are tired or feel rushed, save it for another day.  If you are getting bored, take a break.
  7. Poor housekeeping causes accidents. Each user is responsible for keeping their work area clear of hazards to themselves or others.  Keep cords and hoses out of the path of travel.
  8. Before operating machines, remove loose clothing, gloves and jewelry; tie back long hair.
  9. Know the machine.  It’s unlikely that the table saw, planer, router or other machine in the Guild Shop is identical to the one in your shop.  Make sure you have a good understanding of these differences.  Consult with the Shop Attendant if you have any uncertainty.
  10. Use the machine for its intended purpose.  Do not cut smaller or larger material than the tool is designed for.  Do not force a tool attachment, guard or hold down to do more than it was designed to do.
  11. Do not use excessive force in feeding material into any cutting blade or bit.
  12. Do not overreach.  Maintain a balanced stance at all times, so that you do not fall or lean into blades or other moving parts.
  13. Do not remove any guards or protective devices from Guild Shop machines.
  14. Safety glasses and hearing protection must be worn in the machine room.
  15. Use dust protection when conditions warrant.  Lung damage is a long term hazard.
  16. Stay at least 3’ away from any machine operator.  They may be startled by your presence, particularly if they are wearing personal protection equipment.
  17. Keep your fingers and hands at least 3” away from any machine’s blades, bits or other moving parts.  Use push sticks, hold downs or featherboards where appropriate.
  18. Stay out of any potential kickback path.  Table saws, jointers, planers and routers are all capable of kickback.
  19. Avoid kickback altogether.  Use the safeguards and safe practices appropriate to the machine.
  20. It doesn’t have to be a machine.  Injuries result from poorly maintained or improperly used chisels, planes, saws and screwdrivers.  Use every tool carefully.

Section II: Incident Response Policy

Under Development...

All accidents are preventable, and this is the mindset we should maintain in the Guild Shop.  Accidents are not inevitable.  However, should one occur, your response to the situation is critical.

  • Injury response policy
  • Non-injury or machine malfunction response policy
  • Incident investigation guidelines

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