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Requirements to use the Guild Shop


The Guild’s workshop is divided in to three distinct areas, each having specific requirements for their use: 

  •  Library is a great resource for books, DVDs and magazines on woodworking, and is available to all paid Guild members.
  • The Bench room is available to all members, free of charge. No white card is required. Hand tools are available to all and power tools are for those users who’ve passed the applicable safety training courses.
  •  The  Machine room is only available to Guild members who have completed our safety courses and earned a minimum of a White Safety Card  

To use the Guild’s power tools in the Machine room you must…
  1. Be a current Guild member
  2. Have completed the Safety & Orientation (S&O) class – While the course is free, registration is required, and you must complete the following items before the start of the class:
    1. Read the Guild’s Shop Tool Safety Manual
    2. Take the Shop Safety Test and bring your answer sheet to the S&O
    3. Complete a Self-Assessment form to help us guide you through the appropriate training and testing for our workshop tools.  (Please bring this to the S&O as well).
    4. Have a Liability Release on file.  Same as when you joined.
** Once you hold a White Safety Card, you can participate in Guild volunteer projects (Community Projects, Toy Build, Project Build teams, Workshop Maintenance Night) and education classes where participants will be using our machine room tools.  Direct supervision will be provided by these event leaders to ensure your compliance with our safety policies, but this is a great way to reinforce your safety skills and build experience with our tools (You are not allowed to work on your own projects).

To get your Green Safety Card:

Complete all four of the Core Tool Skills courses (and certifications). 
The Tool Skills classes, which provide instruction as well as certifications, will allow you to use these specific tools in our workshop for your own projects .  (You are NOT allowed to use any tools for which you do not possess certifications.)

Take and pass the comprehensive Hands-On Safety Test (HOST).  This is a TEST and no instruction is provided during this 3-4 hr. session, but if you have experience with these tools, you may have the necessary skills to pass.

(You can also take several of the core tool Machine Skills classes for the tools you are unfamiliar with, and then take the HOST to complete your Green card)

Both paths lead to a Green Safety Card.

When you have completed all of the requirements for your Green card (either through the HOST or Machine Skills process), you will receive your Green Card and a free five (5) 2-hour sessions Shop Time card ($60 value) to use in our workshop.  This will be placed in our member card cabinet in the workshop, within 48 hours of you earning your new Green card.

Green Safety Card Active Period

The Green Safety Card is active as long as you are a paying member of the Guild and you are "regularly" either taking classes and/or using the shop (community projects or paid for Open shop, etc.). If you do not use the shop for a period of two years your card will be deactivated.  To reactivate your Green Safety Card you can retake the HOST at no charge.

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