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The Guild of Oregon Woodworkers is a non-profit, diverse corporation with the following purposes:

  • Enhancing the standards of woodworking excellence by educating members and the public.
  • Serving the community by building products for the public good and charitable organizations.
  • Assisting members in marketing their work.
  • Making safe woodworking facilities available to members for their use and for classes.
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The Guild is here for you and the community.  By participating in Guild activities you can advance your woodworking skills while at the same time give back to the community – a true win-win opportunity.  More Info  

    Volunteer Appreciation Program Catalog

    The catalog is open for limited Guild Gear such as Guild Aprons and other items we have on hand.  Pay by credit card.  Click HERE for the catalog.

    The VAP will run again in January.  Please keep track of your volunteer hours. 

    If any questions please contact 

    How do I find out about Classes, Meetings and Events

    All the Guild activities are viewable from our calendars

    Guild Calendar - Shows all events at one place
    Shop Calendar - Schedule shop time, register for events
    Education Calendar - Register for classes here

    Membership Policy:

    Membership limited to 40 new members per month

    Registration for new membership will open the first of each month and close when the 40 member limit has been reached.  

    New Membership Status:  Open December 1 for 40 new members.

    New member exception:  if you have no plans to use the shop or would like to volunteer, please email Guild Membership email

    This does not apply to current members, who are free to renew or change levels Renewals/Level Changes

    Member Activities Photos

    Education Photos

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