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Scholarship Program

What is it?

The Guild scholarship program uses donations from members and outside organizations to fund woodworking and design classes for those who could use some financial assistance. The goal is to preserve and pass on the lore of woodworking, in line with our mission statement.

The Scholarships can be for a single class, a series of classes, or a dollar amount that would allow you to take several classes over the course of a year. The last is called the Annulus Award. We have also awarded a year of free shop time to several members in the past. 

We can grant partial support for longer-term studies as well. We have helped fund a student at the Krenov School and are willing to consider Oregonians who are studying outside Oregon, if they intend to return and work here.

Who qualifies?

Any Guild member is welcome to apply for a scholarship. That said, our preference is to support younger woodworkers, future professionals and women and minorities who have not been traditionally been represented in the craft, to broaden its base.  We are also very interested in supporting those who can pass on their experience, such as high school shop teachers.

How do I apply?

The scholarship selection process is structured but informal. There is no application form as such, just the two written statements and the photos of your work.  We ask applicants to submit:

- a short (no more than 2 pages) statement of purpose;

- examples of their work, either photos or, even better, physical specimens;

- a very short statement about why they need financial support;

- and in the case of students, letters of support from teachers or shop instructors.

If you have any questions, please contact the scholarship coordinator at [ email address] That is also where you should send your completed applications and photos.  The scholarship committee reviews the application and usually comes to a decision within a week. When successful applicants are informed, we ask that they allow us to use their case in promoting the Guild scholarship program.

The current scholarship coordinator is Tim Moore, who can also be reached at 571.282.9644 or 

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