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GET STARTED LEARNING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE:  We get it.  You are a new member and you just want to come into the shop and make something!  As you know from our website, there is a process but there are things you can do quickly to help you get started and learn along the way.

  • 1)    Intro to Guild Safety:  Register as soon as possible for this class.  First, register for the first class where there are openings.  Then, go back to filled classes and register for the wait list for each class.  You might be able to get in sooner should someone cancel their registration.
  • 2)    Learn the Website:  The website is the vehicle through which you can obtain the most information about the Guild and also register for various events.  Take the time to peruse the website and learn what is on it.  It will definitely help you in the long run.
  • 3) Special Interest Groups:  There are groups that focus on particular subjects and attending their monthly gatherings are at no additional cost.  See Special Interest Groups (SIGs)  for more information.
  • 4)    Check out the Library:  We have an outstanding library which is located in the Studio.  You can find out what books we have in the library by going to Guild Library.
  • 5)    Join a Community Project Team:  There are three community project teams that you can join once you have completed the Intro to Guild Safety class.  You can participate in these even while waiting to get your Core Tool Certification.  These are Project Build and Toy Build which meet weekly and Community Build as projects arise.
  • 5)    Classes:  There are some classes that only have the prerequisite of having completed the Intro To Guild Safety Class.  Look for these on the Guild Education Calendar and register.  
  • 6)    Core Tool Certification:  Sign up for the classes you need for certification.  These are Introduction to Safety, Getting Started (for beginner and basic learners), and Core Tools.  For more detail, see Guild Safety Program.