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The Guild Family Membership provides an opportunity for the limited introduction of youth to woodworking by way of family participation. To do so, youth must be part of a family membership with one or two legal adult guardians. Requirements for participation of the youth include:

  1. All family members must complete the Guild safety orientation class.
  2. All must sign the Guild liability release form with guardians also signing for the youth.
  3. Eligible youth will be considered only those from ages 10-17.
  4. One or more legal guardians must be onsite and responsible for the youth whenever onsite at the Guild Shop.
  5. Under no circumstances will youth be allowed to use the equipment in the machine shop portion of the Guild Shop. They may only pass through the machine shop to access the bathroom or library and when doing so must be accompanied by their legal guardian. All Guild safety procedures must be adhered to when passing through the machine room.


  • These youth are allowed to have working access to the bench room only. They may use all hand tools and the battery-operated drills.
  • If desiring to use sharp-edged tools, the youth and legal guardian shall review their knowledge of such tools with the Shop Attendant to ensure that their use will be in accordance with safety expectations.
  • The member legal guardian must participate in all activities with the youth and ensure safe participation of the youth.
  • Youth have access to and use of the library and bathroom but must be accompanied by the legal guardian when in the library or passing through the machine room.
  • Youth are encouraged to attend monthly program meetings but must be under the direct supervision of the legal guardian when doing so.

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