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Introduction to the Guild Safety

This is the first Shop Safety class and is required for every Guild member regardless of skill level.  It is required to take other Shop classes or participate in the Community Projects groups. It will also set you up to take the follow-up classes to obtain your Shop card.

This Intro to the Guild Safety class is about 3-1/2 hours.  For those with little or no woodworking experience, this class is especially for you.

Included in the class is a tour of the Guild Shop, explaining all the stationary tools and their function.


Please register online and remit payment at once. Your registration is not complete without payment.

Read through the all handouts for this class. Take the Test. Print the test and your answers or bring your answer on a device.  Make sure you bring them.

Fill out and bring a copy of the Self Evaluation Form to the class. Blank forms will also be available in class

Upon completion of the Intro to the Guild Safety  class, you may be directed to

  1. A second beginning class, Getting Started; required for those with little or no experience with portable power tools.
  2. Bypass the Getting Started class and start the path to the Core Tool Certification classes.

If necessary, this class may be taught remotely via Zoom.  If so, you will be sent an invitation to the session.  The Zoom class will be interactive and there will be a moderator to help relay questions to the Instructor.

Getting Started - Introduction to Shop Safety

This class is a continuation of the safety process in good woodworking practices taught in the Intro to the Guild class.

Getting Started is a required class for those needing experience with the safe and appropriate use of portable power tools, prior to starting the path to the Guild’s Shop Certification classes.

This four-hour class includes approximately two - two and half hours of practice with a jig saw, a trim router, a random orbital sander, drill motors (battery and corded), a circular saw and installing their accessories.

Curriculum includes:

  • Drawing up a plan and cutting list
  • What happens at the lumber yard; grading, moisture content, grain and figure.
  • Wood characteristics, hidden hazards
  • Simple approaches to accuracy,
  • Specific tool safety techniques.
  • The final section of the class will be using these tools to create a cutting board. Material provided by the Guild.

Class size is four students. Each student will have their own area in the Shop with each tool to be demonstrated. No tool sharing. Safe distancing.


  • Review the Guild’s PPE (personal protection equipment) policy
  • Please bring a signed Guild Liability Release Form to class.  Blank Forms will also be available in class
  • Masks in place and hands washed before entering the Shop.
  • Dress appropriately for working in the Shop.
  • A dust mask (these tools are not connected to the dust collection system)
  • Read through the handouts for this class.
  • Items to bring to class: shop apron, personal and required PPE, pencil, combination square or similar, razor knife, tape measure, notebook, piece of chalk.

Upon completion of Getting Started, members can sign-up for the Core Tool Certification classes.


Core Tool Certification

Note: Completion of Intro to the Guild (all members) and Getting Started (beginners only) are prerequisites for taking this class. 

This class is designed for the member to obtain a Guild Shop Card (formerly called the Green Card) and is required to work in the Guild machine room or to take classes using the “core” power tools.

The class consists of two 4-hour sessions and will certify you on the commonly used "core” power tools: chop saw, bandsaw, jointer, planer, table saw, stationary sanders and the drill press.

The instructor will demonstrate using each tool and discuss safe practices. There  will be an opportunity to practice using each tool. By the end of the class, you should feel comfortable operating each tool safely. Upon successful completion, the instructor will issue you a Guild Shop Card. Materials will be provided.

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