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Guild Opening Plan

June 24, 2020

Guild Reopening Plan

Below is the plan for various activities to start.  More details will be in the orientation meeting, on the Website and in the link below.  Registration is required for all Shop activities.  Walk in and drop in users will not be allowed. 




Member Orientation for Shop Use

June 29 @ 7:00 PM

Zoom Meeting (link will be in Sunday’s email)

Shop Registration Open

June 30

First two weeks of July will be available for scheduling

Shop Opens

July 1

Limited to 6 members at a time plus SA/Instructors

Toy Build

July 3

The team leader will provide details to the team

Community Projects

July 5

The team leader will provide details to the team

Project Build

July 15

Zoom meetings first two weeks of July.  In shop July 15. The team leader will provide details to the team


Normal Day

Will continue to meet online for the near future.

Monthly Lunch

Normal Day

Will continue to meet online for the near future.

Shop Certification Classes

Will start mid-late July

Classes will be announced shortly for last half of July

Opening Requirements

The Board has approved a plan to reopen the shop and start holding in-person activities.   The board approved detailed plan (HERE) was developed based on federal/state/local guidelines modified for the unique aspects of a woodworking shop to create a safe and comfortable environment for our members.  Because each of us have our own unique situation - It is incumbent upon each member to assess their individual circumstance and determine if they should attend any sessions.



Standard Requirements

Additional Requirements due to COVID-19


Stay home if sick

Stay home if family member is sick
(more Info)


Normal hygiene practices

Wash hands in outside wash station for 20 seconds prior to entering the shop


Dust Control Masks in Machine Room

Face coverings are to be worn at all times in the shop or in the annex (Note 1)


ANSI Z87.1 glasses for Machine room use

Safety glasses in bench room at all times

Social Distancing


Maintain 6 feet between people.  Attendance will be limited to 6 people plus the SA/instructor.


Website – Shop Calendar and on-site walk-ins

NEW – shop registration will be treated like classes – register on the website. (Note 2)



Months ahead

Two weeks will be posted at a time

Note 1: Face coverings are a cloth or paper face covering.  Wear a rated respirator when needed for dust protection.  Note that respirators that have an exhaust valve defeats one purposes of the face covering - not spreading germs and are not adequate for bench room use.

Note 2: Registration will be limited. Details of registration will be on the website when you go to register.

We look forward to seeing all of you in person again.  Watch your email and the new website for the latest information.  For more details on the above plan - click HERE.

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