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Brodey Carpenter
Business Name: Dredge Design
Location: Portland, Oregon

I don’t consider myself a woodworker, craftsman, or most importantly an artist. Rather I’m an industrial (product) designer that happens to focus on furniture. I don’t think individual parts and pieces should upstage the overall piece of furniture. With that said I typically look for clear straight grain in my wood selection. I know, kind of ho hum in the wood world. However once all the parts of a piece are combined the overall “silhouette” of a piece really shines. Of course there are exceptions to my ho hum wood rule, because who doesn’t like to break a rule or two. My company Dredge Design is primarily a branded line of furniture, but I do take custom orders from clients looking for something a little different.

60/120 GCTL

36” dia.

3/8” thick glass

Port Orford cedar quarter and rift sawn

.125 & .25 plate steel laser cut and formed

Black powder coat - semi gloss

Black allen cap bolts




72” H coat rack

Reclaimed African pallet wood

.25” plate steel laser cut

Black powder coat - semi gloss

Brass accent hardware




12”L x 12”W x 20”H

Spalted Maple top

3/4” square tube steel base

Black powder coat - semi gloss




49.625”L x 18”W x 16”H

Reclaimed maple and poplar

pallet wood

Heavy duty polypropylene


1.5” steel angle feet w/ rubber



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