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 Updated 2/8/21

Fellow Members:

In November we elected to close the Guild shop in response to the Governors “Pause” order, followed by the Freeze and now the current system which measures risk levels by County.  The state’s program has been effective and the case rates for Multnomah county have been dropping.  The last week of January we were informed that we could re-open.  Since than we have been working with Safety and Shop Operations to get ready to open and our first open shop shifts will start this Wednesday February 10.  Other programs will start back up gradually over the next few weeks and months.  Watch the website and calendar for updates.  

We are excited to get back into the shop and start making sawdust!  But keep in mind that the shop is focused on “safety first”.  This means that all of our rules for COVID safety from last fall continue including no drop ins, limited number of members per shift, hand washing and mandatory mask wearing.  As the science on virus transmission has evolved, we also have added some new requirements.  This includes the need to keep the shop doors open (dress warmly), daily wipe downs of all control surfaces, having shop attendants log in all members and a need to keep strict social distancing at all times.  There are some great resources on the Guild Website to explain what you need to do to use the shop safety, and you will see links to key elements here.  It is exciting that many of our members are going to be eligible to be vaccinated, but please keep in mind that the COVID rules apply to everyone, vaccinated or not.

 While we encourage members to come back in and use the shop, we would remind everyone that this is an individual decision and that you should be aware of the risks in any indoor activity.


Steve Poland

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