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 11/8/2020 - Updated 11/22/20

November COVID-19 pause

Hello Guild members.  In light of the state’s record Covid-19 new daily infection peaks (over 1000), and the Governor’s clear message that we all need to collaborate to regain control of this spread, I have had several discussions with program leaders and with our Safety Lead Leslie Kantor about how the Guild should respond.  I think the Guild should be a leader in that regard, as we were in March, closing even before government intervention.

While we have safety procedures in place, and limit in-person activity to 6 plus SA/Instructor, we have still experienced that it is difficult to always maintain 6ft. separation, especially while mentoring or instructing.  We have to look at the reality that our hobby is not so critical that it is worth putting any Members, Instructors or Shop Attendants at risk while the virus is so clearly rampant.

Consequently, all scheduled activities in the Guild Shop are cancelled as of Monday morning November 9, through December 16 (updated Nov 22, 2020)

Program Leads will coordinate credits for cancelled classes.  During that period the Safety Committee will closely consider our existing procedures and see if there are further improvements to member safety that can be established.  Assuming we are allowed to consider shop reopening after that, we will start by strongly restating the critical importance of following through with those safety procedures at all times.

Singular administrative activities in the Guild Shop may still be allowed, excluding any woodworking activity.  Need for administrative work in the shop should be communicated to the associated board member in advance, and the handwashing and mask requirements remain in place.  Such entry must be recorded on the shop computer, and in the SA log book.

Let’s hope that this action is an investment in public safety that pays off with reduced new infections.  Stay healthy!

Steve Poland, President


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