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Fully restored 1968 Powermatic 66 table saw

  • 25 Aug 2023 3:13 PM
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    I have loved this saw and have it dialed in really accurately, but my wife was insistent I get a Sawstop.

    This 1968 Powermatic 66 table saw is in excellent condition. All parts of the saw have been powder coated so should never have rust issues. I have replaced the bearings in the motor and arbor, and there is less than 0.001" of runout across both the blade and the fence.

    The motor is a 3hp Baldor wired to a 220V magnetic safety starter. The fence is a Very Super Cool Tools aluminum extrusion, making it really easy to attach sacrificial faces or hold downs, and has a 32" cut capacity. The saw sits on a mobile base with leveling casters - there is a rubber foot that adjusts up to allow the wheel to move, or down to level and isolate the vibrations for the saw. Pretty trick.

    The router cabinet in the extension wing comes with the saw, but the lift is not included. There's room for additional storage / drawers in the router wing that I never got around to building... The table does have a few scratches and marks in it, but not bad for a saw that has seen 55+ years of use.

    I have also made custom aluminum inserts for the blade which allow you to easily replace the zero-clearance section. There's one for the regular blade and one for dadoes, and they just slide in and out when you need to replace them.

     Located in Cedar Mill, and asking $1400

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