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How to load up a heavy tablesaw into pickup truck

  • 21 May 2022 8:49 AM
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    This is what I did when I had to move a unisaw years ago. It should be fairly similar.

    This procedure only works on saws that have the motor attached to the trunnions rather than the table. The big cabinet style saws are typically like this. Smaller contractor/artisan saws are not.

    You will want at least two people on hand.

    Remove the outfeed table if there is one. Remove the blade, fence, guards and any bits and pieces that are easily removed. Do not remove the front and rear rails or the side table. You should be able to leave them attached to the cast iron table for the move.

    Unbolt the cast iron table from the cabinet. I don't know the exact situation on a PM66, but on the unisaw it was a big bolt at each of the corners of the cabinet.  If the side table has integrated legs or a cabinet holding it up leave those attached for the moment so they support the table during unbolting. If the side table is unsupported you will want a second person supporting it so the top doesn't tip off when you unbolt it. After detaching the table from the base carefully remove any legs or detach the top from the supporting side cabinet at this point if possible.

    Two people should be able to move the table together, then the base together.  I used a compact pickup when I moved the unisaw and it worked fine. The top was able to be slid in on its back edge against the pickup bedside and the cabinet base and assorted bits slid in next to it.

  • 20 May 2022 5:23 PM
    Message # 12788636

    I am looking for advice. I just purchased a used Powermatic 66 table saw that I saw on the buy/sell forum.  Really heavy. How can I safely load it into a small pickup truck? Use a block and tackle? Come along?  Detailed steps would be very helpful. Reach out to Marti by phone or text at 503-640-0404.  Thank you.

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