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Push Pads as seen in Fine Woodworking

  • 15 Jan 2023 12:50 PM
    Message # 13058270

    (I also posted this in the buy/sell forum)

    If you look at Steve Latta's discussion of cutting accurate rabbets in FWW #301, you will see a set of really nice push pads on  the top of page 58 with a "thick rubberized surface that grips well"

    I emailed Steve Latta and got referred to Jerry Forshee who makes these for the Marc Adams Schools of Woodworking. He'll have a batch of these done soon and has said he is happy to receive orders from the Guild. They are $45.00 plus shipping.  His contact information can be found below. Thought some of you may be interested in these.

    FYI - the pad material is the same that is used to make grout floats. The material probably comes from a company named Goldblatt. I didn't see that they sold the pad material separately but I didn't dive too deeply into it.        

    Jerry's contact information is below.


    Mark Sherman


    Jerry C Forshee

    2508 E. Roundhill Ln.

    Bloomington, IN 47401-4364

    (812) 219-1053 cell


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