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Dovetail Saw Recommendations?

  • 26 Jan 2023 9:06 AM
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    Hi Mark,

    For Japanese saws, I've found that some of the dozuki saws that are labelled "dovetail" saws (or even "tenon" saws) are actually fine tooth crosscut saws (in the 26tpi range).  For me, they didn't work that well for dovetails (but maybe in hands more skilled than mine they would be fine).

    I like the Gyokucho Razorsaw #372 - 19tpi, combination rip/cc teeth.  I believe the #375 is the same blade but with the newer TPE style handle.


  • 20 Jan 2023 6:43 PM
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    any sharp smallish backsaw with fine teeth will do for dovetails. It really comes down to how it feels in your hand, but you have to use one enough to get accustomed to it.

    We have both Lie-Nielsen and Veritas in the shop, and there is a Japanese-style Bridge City saw in the Studio. I can bring in a couple of other examples some time when I an SA. Just let me know.


  • 20 Jan 2023 11:44 AM
    Message # 13065904

    Is there a qualitative difference between the Veritas, Lee Nielsen, and Japanese dovetail saws? I have a few Japanese saws and want to explore making dovetails.It seems like they will all do the job well.

    Any thoughts or preferences?



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