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Education Program - How to

    How to Participate in Trainings and Classes

    The first step to participating is being a member.

    1. For classes that are exclusively online and do not require the use of the shop there are no requirements other than being a member.
    2. To participate in classes that utilize the Guild shop, you must complete the all of the certification requirements to use the Guild Shop
    3. Locate the training/class desired on the Calendar of the Guild website;
    4. Determine if you meet and pre-requisites that may be established for that offering.
    5. Sign up for the class by double-clicking on the calendar event and completing the registration process.

    How to Access the Library

    All of the current listings in the library are viewable by going to Library. This will also provide you with all the information on how to access and check out the listings. If you have questions, you can always contact the Librarian.

    How to Become an Instructor/Trainer

    One of the most important jobs in the Guild Education Program is being an instructor or trainer. Many of our instructors and trainers are from our membership ranks due to their breadth of experience. These roles are both as a volunteer or as a paid contractor.

    Requirements: To become a Guild Instructor or Safety Trainer the following will be required:

    • Experience in woodworking that demonstrates the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully teach or train in the desired subject areas.
    • Completion of a background investigation of law enforcement records system.
    • Experience in the role of an instructor or trainer or the demonstration of applicable skills.
    • Core Tools Certification for all Shop based hand on classes. Certification for any Advanced Tools that are part of the training or instruction is also required.

    If you are interested in this, please contact a member of the Education Leadership Team and find out how you can serve in these important roles.

    How to Participate in Other Hands-On Learning Opportunities

    We have three Community Projects oriented teams that allow woodworkers of all skill levels to help build projects that serve the local community or the Guild. Depending on the team (Toy Team, Project Build or Local Community Projects), you will be led by team mentors and learn about and work on a variety woodworking projects.  Pitch in! We need your help! Community Projects involvement is free. 

    How to Become a Class Coordinator

    Class Coordinators are critical to the delivering of classes. These volunteer positions help the instructor in a variety of ways before and during the class. To be a Class Coordinator requires the following requirements:

    • Be a member of the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers

    • Have taken one or more prior classes provided by the Guild

    • Complete a shadowing experience at least one time with an existing Class Coordinator.

    If you are interested in becoming a Class Coordinator,  contact the Education Leadership.

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