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MEMBERSHIP - LIMITED to 20 new members per Month 

STATUS: CLOSED May 1 at 8:04.    OPENS June 1 AT 7:00 PM 

The Guild will be closing registration to new members when the maximum capacity of 20 new members per month has been reached.  There will not be a waiting list for new members, so look for openings the beginning of each month.  

Once membership capacity has been reached, it will be closed and re-opened on the first of the subsequent month.   

NOTE:  If you will not be using the shop or taking classes and wish to become a member,  please contact Membership@GuildofOregonWoodworkers.org

RENEWALS ARE NOT INCLUDED as part of this limit - renewals/level changes

New Membership 

(scroll down for Join the Guild button)

The Guild membership is for one year from your start date.  You will be notified one month before your anniversary date to renew.  If you do not renew, membership expires automatically. Want to Renew?: click here Membership Renewal 

When you join, we hope that you will provide as much information as possible.  A few items are mandatory, but the rest are optional.   We use this information to better understand our members and to design programs accordingly.

Membership Levels

  • General Membership - $85/year: For all skills levels from beginners to advanced.  A good starting level for most people. 
  • Gift General Membership - $85year: same as general membership but given as a gift.  See details for Gift Membership.
  • Family Membership - $110+/yr: General membership for a family up to 2 adults and 4 youths living at the same address  Read youth restrictions before signing up minors - More Details.  
  • Professional Membership - $110/year: For those who make some of their income from woodworking. 
  • Professional Plus One/Two/Three Membership - $185-$335/yearFor Professionals, plus up to three employees. 
  • Student Membership - $35/yearFor those still in school and are 18 and older.
  • Woodshop Educator Membership - $35/year:  For high school and college woodworking teachers whose primary profession is education. Please include your school name and your title to assure being approved by the Administrator. 
  • Donor supporting Memberships:- includes your membership fee with the balance as a one-time donation to the Guild.  
  • Bandsaw Supporter - $250 (member fee plus donation)
  • Jointer Supporter - $500 (member fee plus donation)
  • Table Saw Supporter - $1000 (member fee plus donation)
Donations are vital to the ongoing success of the Guild's operation and equipment maintenance.  Please consider donating when you join or renew.
General Family &  Professional Plus Instructions - To add additional members, click on View Profile next to the login button (after you have logged in) and scroll down to Add Member. 


Contact Membership Chair with questions.


  1. Online – Paying online with PayPal is the quickest and most secure method as the whole process is automated.  A recent PayPal change now initially prompts you to set up an account, but you do not need to do so, just go to Pay by Credit/Debit Card, and enter your card information. With this method, you will receive your membership card immediately on your smartphone.
  2. MailIf you cannot register for membership online, please download the application form, print it out, fill it in, and mail it with your check (made out to GOOW).  Note, it may take up to two weeks to be acknowledged.  Mail to:
Guild of Oregon Woodworkers
PO Box 80922
Portland, Or 97280 

Requirements for Using the Shop and Getting Involved 

1. Join the Guild as a member.  If you don't plan to attend classes in person that use Guild woodworking machinery, or use the shop you can skip the rest. See "Why Join the Guild for the list of Member Benefits".   Why Join The Guild.   

The class sequence from start to machine room certification will take approximately 60-90 days for most new members. The Getting Started with Power Tools and Core Tools classes are limited in number to allow for personalized attention. 

When you sign up for a class, be sure to sign up on the waitlist for any prior classes in the event a space opens up.

2. Required for All: Introduction to Guild Safety Class. ($40)  This class is required of all Members regardless of experience.  You will be introduced to the Guild, and to the safety expectations for shop use. See Education Calendar for next available class.

Upon completion you can:

  • Use the Bench room (work benches, hand planes, chisels, saws).  Take a variety of Hand Tool Classes
  • Volunteer for various activities such as Project Build (Wednesdays), Toy Build (Fridays), Estate Sales, etc.  (COMMUNITY Outreach ) These are great ways to get started.
  • Sign up for additional classes (depending upon pre-requisites)
  • Participate in select Special Interest Groups Special Interest Groups - SIGs (eg. hand tools, women's night)
  • From this class, you will be directed to either Getting Started with Power Tools, or to Core Tool Certification.

3. Getting Started with Power Tools ($90) .  This class will cover hand held power tools such as the trim router, drill, circular saw, jig saw and orbital sander.  

4. Core Tool Certifications ($160). This class will set you up to use the professional grade machines in the shop.  It will cover safe use of the SawStop table saws, jointers, planers, drill press, bandsaw and belt sanders. There are separate classes for certification on the Router Table, Wide belt sander, PantoRouter, and  MultiRouter). Professionals only - find the Fast Track Core Tool Certification class under Education Safety.

5. Ready, Set, Go (Cut, saw, surface, glue, clamp, sand)  You are now ready to use the machine room for your own projects.  Ready to start but not sure how to begin making that cutting board, box or table?  Look for specific classes as they come up in the Education Calendar or for upcoming mentoring opportunities.  The Shop Attendants present at every Open Shop are available to help answer questions and remind you how to use the tools.  Don't be afraid to ask!

6.  Using the shop.  To use the bench or machine room, sign up for Open Shop time on the Guild calendar (Open Shop Only Calendar).  Open shop time is $10/hr (no charge for bench room).  Starting May 1, 2024, Open Shop time will be $15/hr for the Machine Room (paid in advance).   Payment must be made prior to use. There is no charge for use of the Bench Room.  Purchase shop time here: Buy Shop Time

7.  Things you might not have thought of.   Need to learn how to sharpen planes or chisels?  How to make hand cut dovetail joints? Want to learn or improve your CNC skills?  Scroll saw skills?  Help make videos for the Guild website?  So many possibilities and opportunities to expand your woodworking knowledge and to contribute to the Guild and the community.  Look at Special Interest Groups, Community Outreach Projects and - 

Volunteer:  As an all volunteer organization, we rely on everyone's help to keep things running smoothly and productively and look forward to your contributions.

Questions?:  contact Membership@GuildofOregonWoodworkers

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