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Raised panel router bit needed

  • 08 Apr 2023 9:38 AM
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    Thanks Julie,

    I figured it was at least two profiles, but the curved portion is the challenge. I’ll look around and see what I can figure out and then ask again if I can’t quite get there.


  • 08 Apr 2023 5:46 AM
    Reply # 13160990 on 13160633
    Julie Niemeyer (Administrator)

    Hi Jeff,

    There are actually 4 separate profiles.

    It might take a little bit of fiddling around with the combination. Essentially, there could be 4 boards stacked with 3 different router bits used to create their separate profile. The top profile could be a piece of square stock. It might actually be one round over and an angled blade on the table saw. Molding might be an option for one of the profiles.

    Just think about how you would make each profile separately.

    It also looks like the kitchen cabinets have been painted several times. You'll want to use some paintable caulking to smooth out the transitions from one profile to the next. I have used Bondo very successfully in the kinds of repairs, as well. I get it at Napa Automotive stores. 

    Julie Niemeyer

  • 07 Apr 2023 2:29 PM
    Message # 13160633


    I need to make one drawer face for my daughter's kitchen. I'm hoping a member might have the right profile that I could rent, beg, borrow or steal. Or possibly a shaper profile. I haven't found the right bit online as yet, and the ones I have found are close to $100. Hoping to not have to buy the bit for just one drawer face.

    I've attached a drawing with measurements  and a photo of what I'm looking for.

    thanks for any help,


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